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The Korean Wave or “Hallyu” actually refers to the popularity of South Korean popular culture in other Asian culture especially Malaysia. Korean Wave began to enter Malaysia in the early 2000’s with the development of romantic korean drama and K-Pop (South Korean pop music).
The popularity of Korean drama began with drama Winter Sonata that being aired on TV2. Then followed by Autumn in My Heart, My Love Patzzi, All About Eve, and others. This drama contributed maintaining popularity of South Korean dramas in Malaysia. One of the reasons the Malaysian love Korean drama is an interesting story. For example hallmark of Korean dramas is relative purity of character. Other than that, due to a beautiful, cute, and handsome looked of actor and actress. Like Bae Yong Joon, Kim Jae Won, Lee dong Wook, Lee min Ho, and so on. In addition, the place that the drama being implemented is very nice like using the beautiful winter scenery of South Korea in drama Winter Sonata.

Along with the increasingly accepted Korean drama in Malaysia, came the music of Korea. The main attraction is the interesting of back sound used in the drama, until the audience began to take an interest in Korean music.
Music of Korea is known as K-Pop. The example of Korean K-Pop group is Super Junior, Shinee, Girl’s Generation, Wonder Girl’s, 2PM and so on. K-Pop has their own unique concept music and dance also acceptable by public especially Malaysian teenagers.

Furthermore, K-Pop style also is followed by teenagers in Malaysia. For example follow Super Junior in clothing and hair style.
The unique that owned by the Korean culture become an attraction among Malaysian. It’s proven when a Malaysian influenced by the Korean culture especially in dressing and music.  

BY Norct & Khairunnisa 

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